Grey's River//Alpine, Wyoming

Alan and I (and Huckleberry!!!) love the outdoors. So as soon as the weather permits, a camping we will go. For Memorial Day weekend we decided to head up to Grey's River in Alpine, Wyoming. It's only about an hour and a half from where we live and just out of cell service. It's just what we needed. Here's to a fulfilling and fun past few days....
 The drive there goes through Swan Valley which is where they are famous for square ice cream cones. I will admit, we stopped on the way home too.. haha. I love me some ice cream and my husband humbly obliges. 
 We found the absolute, most perfect camp spot right on the river with the perfect amount of shade. 
 Before dinner we went for a little walk up the mountain. Absolute stunning views.
 Huck is our trail boss. He is the best scout around. When we are falling behind, he will always stop and wait patiently. 
 For dinner our first night we had tinfoil dinners. I'm gonna say this style of eating is on my top five list. There is nothing like eating campfire cooked food.
We had potatoes, hamburger and veggies...All cooked to perfection. 

Sleep time and on to the next day. We got a late start, enjoyed our morning and had breakfast! 
Then we headed to go on a hike. We went six miles total. To be honest, we went about as far as the trail would let us go until we just hit too much snow and fallen trees. That was fun though because we felt we had the whole place to ourselves. Which is the truth, we did. 
 Huck cracks us up. He loves to just lay down in the water to cool off. And let me tell you, it was COLD water. 
 Lunch in a remote, beautiful spot.
 There were a handful of beautiful wildflowers of several different colors and kinds. Alan picked this one for me. He is the sweetest. 
 After our hike, we headed down the road to Water Dog lake. Huck enjoys retrieving sticks Alan will throw out into the water. It was so beautiful and peaceful.
 Headed back to camp for some relaxation, roasted hot dogs, and smores. I had to snap this pic of Huck because he was totally pooped. It was a great day.
 The next morning we had a yummy breakfast and closed up camp. A quick trip but so fun.
Grey's River!! We will be back......


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