Wintery Second Hand Look

This wintery warm outfit consists of Pendleton, Danner, Nena and Co., and Patagonia. There is one...yes only ONE!!! item that isn't second hand. Which item would you guess is it? Disclaimer: I'm not counting my $13 leggings and my $4 JCrew sale socks hehe.
I have been coveting wanting a pair of Danner boots for-ev-er!!! They cost $360 new. And might I add they never go on sale. I've watched and watched and checked. So...Alan gave me the thumbs up to get a pair. I saved up the money, yes, $360, to buy them. I've never paid that much for one item in my life. Here comes the kicker. I've scoured EBay and Poshmark for months just seeing if a more affordable pair would come up. Most were just around $50 less (not worth it especially if they don't fit. Much smarter to buy them new and have the chance to return them.) Anyway, this is probably becoming a longer story than it needs to be. I checked one last time and a pair popped up on Poshmark! They were an older version and the laces didn't quite look right...She had them listed at $150 so I decided "what the heck...I'll give them a shot!" I made an offer of $130 and she accepted! When I got the boots I couldn't believe the condition they were in. NO WEAR WHATSOEVER! The laces weren't original to the boot. Which isn't a big deal but they were an orangey red that I just didn't like. I got on Danner's website, ordered a pair of their laces, and vuala. Some may think this is way too much work but for me, the thrill of the hunt and then the success is so worth it! I saved over $200 which now means I have that money to get a few other things. hehehe. So now, you know that the boots are not the one item that isn't second hand.
 The beanie is Pendleton and the bag is Nena and Co. Both I found second hand at Uptown Cheapskate. I paid $9 for the beanie and you ready for it? $40 for the bag! The bag retails for $288. To be honest, they're worth every penny. Very beautifully made bags with genuine leather. So you can imagine my excitement to find this one. Uptown Cheapskate is my favorite ever. Yes, you spend more than a regular thrift store, but if you know your brands, you're still getting a killer deal. 

The Patagonia coat I've been wanting all winter and it finally went on sale. So I purchased it new but I looked at it as an investment piece. In Idaho, we have cold cold winters so I wanted something long and cozy. It will be a coat I can have forever. It retails for $300, I found it for $190. So...There goes my $360 I saved up for the one pair of boots. I got a pair of boots and a nice Patagonia coat. I'd say thats a win. 

I'll include links to all these items for you if you want to get more info on them!
PS I have a love hate relationship with this little small town post office. They're closed from 12-1:30 for lunch (I've gone there between that time.) Then they close at 3:30 in the afternoon! (Went there today at 3:40) I go there because I know it's not as busy and have learned my lesson to check the times every single time before I go. hahaha.


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