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February is a special month for me. It's our giant fur ball Hucklerry's birthday in February andddddd the month that Alan proposed to me.  A year ago TODAY actually! I couldn't have received these rings from Lisa Leonard at a better time. Have you heard of Lisa Leonard? If not, I have to tell you about this company. Of all the jewelry companies I have ever shared about, this is my favorite. Hands down favorite and one you will want to know about. I promise.
Lisa Leonard is all about making timeless, meaningful pieces. Each piece is custom made----hand cut, hammered, polished, drilled, and assembled with care. I love that I can look at this ring as a daily reminder of the love I have for my little family and for the things that are to come in our lives.
I decided to get Alan and I's initials on one ring and then the other ring is Huckleberry's February birthstone! The initial ring is one of their stacked rings and what I love the most about these rings is as we have children, I can add a new ring to them. (Which I 100% plan to do.) Even the birthstone rings if I wanted to keep things more simple. The quality is sooo amazing. Oh. So. Perfect. Genuine gold and the perfect rustic touch. They're so unique in the way they're shaped and touched. I am obsessed. If you're not a gold lover, they also have sterling silver. I know these rings are something I will cherish forever. 
I have a couple of other things on my wishlist (See HERE and HERE) but these rings are my dream rings and I can't tell you how much I love them, you just need to get some for yourself to know. Are you more of a gold lover or silver? What do you love from Lisa Leonard? What meaningful thing would you get put on yours? Check out their website HERE and let me know!


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