Paperless Post: Thinking of You

This year I really want to focus more on serving others. What can I do to help? What can I do to make someone smile? Where can I make a difference? These are all things that have been on my mind on a daily basis. I thought I would start small with those people around me! Something fun I thought of was sending a random "Thinking of You" card to a few of my friends or family members. 

I came across a website called Paperless Post where you can send the cutest e-cards! You can create any card you want and choose to send it as e-card or you can have it printed at a really affordable price. I love all the options they have to customize your card perfectly for that special person you're sending it to. To send it as an e-card, you just have to purchase some of their paperless coins. I created a card for just 5 coins which is around $1.20. If you prefer to create a card and have it printed, you don't use the coins but just pay for the card.

Since I do most things on my phone, I downloaded their app and created a couple of cards there! Easy as a touch of a button. You first just need to create an account then decide if you want to send your card paperless and if so, purchase some paperless coins. 20 coins is just $6 and as I said I created one card with 5 coins. You can pick from hundreds of card options or choose a create your own option as well. Things like party invitations, baby shower invitations for boys, your little princess's birthday bash, your best friends birthday card, or like me, just a HELLO! Here is a little guide to help see what I mean:
They have a bunch of different subjects to choose from. I scrolled down and found the "Just because" subject. That looked perfect for what I wanted. But look at all the options! And they're so classy.
After clicking through "just because" you then get to pick (or create) the front of your card:
I went with a simple smiley face on the front in hopes it will make my recipient smile.
 I then get to personalize the inside. You write what wording you want then pick font, color, etc.
After I was happy with that, I also get to personalize the envelope!
I ended up going with a gorgeous floral inlay to coordinate with the yellow smiley face on the front.
When I was all done and satisfied with my card, I was ready to send it off. All I needed was an email and a subject line. It's nice because you can also schedule it to be sent at a later date. That way you're still staying ahead of yourself for that special date coming up and you know it's all ready to go! The sent card also stays in your history so you can see that the person has seen it. That helps to know that they got it safe and sound.

I also used the website which I think I prefer. I like having larger screen to see everything more clear but their app is great and convenient too!!

Like I said, you can even create something totally unique to you.... Like your annual family cards or wedding invitations? First go hire Celeste Nield to take your photos... (she did our wedding hehe) then when you get your pictures back, create your own invitations on Paperless post! 

Paperless post is exactly my style and I feel has something for everyone! It's exactly what I need to serve those I love this new year. 

Anyone in need of a hug? Email me or message me below. I may not be near you but I'd love to send you a virtual hug in a way I know how!! 


"This post is a partnership with Nakturnal"

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