Vintage 70's Lace Dress

I recently found this amazing, absolutely perfect vintage lace 70's dress for Stylish Treasures. I always wanted to find my wedding dress second hand...A vintage one..That didn't end up happening in time. The search was fun though!! This is the kind of dress I would have loved to have found before my wedding but hey, now I get the best of two dresses. I loved my wedding dress so much....So being able to wear this dress for these photos was enough for me. It brought its beauty to life and I'm excited for the girl it's going to! Yep, it already sold even before I posted it. I'm not surprised by that one bit though. I hope she will love it as much as I do. As funny as it may sound, each piece I have in my shop has a special place in my heart. I work hard to find unique pieces and love sending them out all over the country. It feeds my soul.  
Thank you to Mauloa Floral Designs and Emily Russell Photography for helping me bring this beautiful dress to life as it deserves. They're such talented ladies. 


PS I am wearing my Irresistible Me hair extensions here. Love them!


  1. Perfect Dress for vintage look :) Love them :)

    EileanVon Lautz from Paris.

  2. You look beautiful. I wish I could get married all over again, just so I can wear a dress like this.



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