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You know when you see most runners on the street and they usually look angry? Mostly I guess they're really just super focused.... I'm sure that's how I look when I run haha. So this tank from Discount Divas is my subliminal message of yes, I look very serious and maybe not so happy (reality is running does make me happy and feel really really good) but deep down I'm sending out all the feel good vibes. Better yet, it's so comfy, I didn't take it off all day even after I was done working out. haha. It's not a work out tank. But it works perfectly for me for working out and I plan to wear it over swimsuits too! Super soft material and lightweight. Summer heat is beating me up!

Also I have to mention my Lululemon pants I'm wearing. I hit up some amazing estate sales a month or so ago on my trip to Salt Lake and one of them had just piles and piles of athletic gear! You may think wearing second had work out clothes is totally gross...And to an extent I agree. But these were are barely worn/new. I got several Lululemon pants, Nike shorts, North face tops, and some brand new Under Armour pants. Not to mention what I got for my husband! I grabbed him some North Face and Orvis. I went on their last day to get 50% off and walked away spending next to nothing for what all these brands cost! I scored good.. hehe. My tennies I found on EBay! The seller did NOT do them justice and they ended up being way better in person. Brand new! Ugh...I love Nike too much. hehe. Especially the vintage/vintage inspired styles.


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  1. That sounds like heaven! I love finding amazing pieces thrifted! There's something amazing about getting a great piece of clothing for half the price!


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