"Go To" Shower Products for Summer

I'm excited to share a couple products I've been loving lately:

First is this set of Tea Tree products from Paul Mitchell. I LOVE IT!! It smells so fresh for summer. The shampoo leaves your head all tingly and cool feeling. It's not too girly smelling for Alan to share it as well. And I love that a little goes a long way.
The body bar is equally as wonderful. Smells great and doesn't leave my skin feeling really dry. Sometimes using bars of soap do that to me. Especially because we have hard water.
I've never used a leave in conditioner before so I was a little skeptical at first. Mostly because it's a conditioner for your hair and also a moisturizer for your body. I've been using it as both and I dunno how they did it. It just works....haha.
Not shown...they put herb seeds in the package which I thought was awesome.
Overall, with the shampoo...I've decided to use it in between washes with my normal shampoo. I do feel it is more of a clarifying shampoo for me. I've been using the conditioner though even when I don't use the shampoo. I just love the fresh smell and it makes my hair really soft. I have really really dry hair so it's a great addition to my normal routine.


Secondly, is this awesome exfoliating scrub from Summer and Vine.
It's an all natural brown sugar and coconut scrub. After my dreaded sunburn from our honeymoon, this was a life saver with my peeling fit. Bonus...which I didn't realize until long after my scrub was gone haha...They put a little surprise inside!

Let me know if you try any of these and what you think!


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