Beauty Bash with Younique

 I have done a review for Younique Mascara before. (See HERE..) It's been a couple years already!! I still absolutely love it. So much so I've purchased it several times since I first came in touch with it. 

Today I'm doing a review for several of the Younique products. I've never tried anything other than their mascara but have always heard so many great things about it!! When I got the product I was most excited for the foundation and the lip colors. So....Lets get started!

Here are the products I'm using in my post. The eyeliner is my favorite favorite from Maybelline but the rest I'm using exclusively Younique:
 Here is my clean, no makeup face. ^^
I started first with their face primer. It went on super smooth and soft. I've never used a face primer before but already loved how it felt. ^^
Here I am wearing their foundation in Taffeta. Already love how it feels. It's lightweight yet covers exactly where you need it to. ^^
Next I did eye shadow. I started with an eye primer. I don't ever use an eye primer but know that it's so important to keep a better look that lasts all day. This one is as light as the face primer. I went with the Pigment Shadow "beautiful" on my crease and the "enamored" color on my lid. Then I finished with their liquid eye shadow "extravagant" under my eye brow. Love the smokey look it gave me. ^^
I put my own Maybelline Liquid eyeliner on then also some regular mascara. Just as a base coat. ^^
Then on to the 3D Mascara!^^
If you're not familiar with it. There are two parts to it. The transplant gel and then the fiber lashes. I usually do a coat of the gel, then put on the fibers, then finish it with another coat of the gel. It always turns out amazing. My eyelashes look twice as long.
Lastly I put on their lipgloss color "Loveable."
And Vuala!!
The lipgloss is amazing!! The color is perfect for summer, it's not sticky and even looks like a lipstick!

Must haves getting away from this post:
The 3D mascara---DUH!!
Face and eye primer
The lipgloss color in "loveable"

I guess I better add the foundation too...Is it bad if I add most everything to the must have list? It just feels so great on my face even now!! hehe.

I've teamed up with Jennifer Heatherly from Younique for a party!! Anyone who orders will be placed into a drawing for a free full sized product. Another way to get an entry is to host your own beauty bash like I am with Jen. She's the best btw. When I was starting my review, we chatted on the phone so she could talk me through each product. She knows her stuff!!

Click HERE to take a peek. Let me know what you pick out!!

PS here's a blurry but lets call it artsy fartsy thoughtful photo. I am thinking how fun it is to play with makeup...


  1. All the products look amazing on you and I can totally see why you LOVE the mascara and gloss!! You look amazing! Thanks for teaming with me ;) Looking forward to helping you earn some product for free!! Your blog followers have until 7/18/16 to place their orders and/or book a beauty bash to get in on the drawing <3

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