Back to the 70's

This outfit should take you right back to 1970 something... Seeing as every piece from my top to my shoes are from that era. The top is actually a body suit. Goodness are these genius to wear with high waisted pants. You don't worry about bunching or coming untucked! Both the top and the pants have never been worn besides me. Finding vintage that have no wear is maybe the best thing ever!!

Outfit details:
Vintage bodysuit, bellbottoms, and wedges via Stylish Treasures.


  1. So my mother-in-law and I were shopping for fabric to make baby girl a new dress and I had some picked out and I asked her what she thought and she made a face and said "no.. it reminds me of the 60-70's" and I thought "that is exactly why I love it!" Haha so funny how the younger generation brings trends and styles back and the older generations are like WTF NOOOO!

    Anyways, you look adorable, as always.

    Also.. I have a question/proposition for you! Would you mind if I emailed you about it??

    1. I'm curious now. Go ahead and email me. Runstylerun at gmail


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