It's my go to color for just about everything and I can't get enough of it. 
 I love a good white palate. In preparations for marriage the past few weeks, I've collected a few things that all just happen to be the loveliest shade of clean silky white. 

With Alan moving in after we get married, I wanted to update our bedding seeing as I can't remember the last time I bought myself a new pair of sheets. Haha. I ended up with a pair of sheets and a duvet cover from a company called Cariloha. They're made from Bamboo which I thought was awesome and they're like sleeping on silk. Kinda funny, it took me an entire week just to take them out of the packaging. They were just so white and perfect and flawless! But I braved it, washed them up nicely and oh man...I slept on them like a whittttleeee baby. 
I have to also mention this amazing mudcloth pillow I recently got from D&K Renewal
It's not white but I love that it adds some dimension to the stark whiteness of my comforter. It pairs perfectly with this Turkish kilim pillow I got on eBay and my estate sale find vintage blanket. There are a few other items on their website I'm dreaming of owning. Look at THIS little beauty and THIS too!!

So Alan and I will be married in the Logan LDS temple. Inside the temple, we only wear white. I love that about being in the temple. I love that it brings equality to everyone when you're inside. There are no judgements. Everyone is dressed in their own versions of white. You don't know the status of someone's everyday life. Whether they're poor or rich, it doesn't matter and it all stays outside of the temple.  My wedding dress is actually a champagne color, so I won't be wearing it during our ceremony. I got a simple white dress from The Perfect White Dress to wear during the ceremony and feel it will be perfect for me. 

I had to add something a little fun to this post. hehe.  Every newly wed needs a couple of fun nighties. 
I love how simple this little number is yet the lace adds some elegance to it. I got it from Designer Intimates.
PS this one just so happens to be on sale! And....use code "run15" for 15% off your purchase on their website!! 

Any white lovelies catching your eyes these days? Do share...


Just 8 more days until our big day. Ahhh....It's really getting here! Can't wait!


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  1. Ah white is heaven. And so is D&K Renewal! I am obsessed. I loved buying Dawns scarfs and kimonos, but shiz now it's time for the good stuff! haha

    So excited for you and your big day! Your nighties are going to be a hit... (raising eyebrows up and down like a creep) woot woot!


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