Warm Weather Eyes +a $250 Sweepstakes with Billabong!

Photos by Emily Russell
The minute March hits and that sun teases us with its rays, I immediately get those warm weather eyes. Just giddy for the summer activities I always love. Boating, exercising outside, park dates, hiking, and those fun road trips! With a honeymoon coming up quick I've been excitedly searching for fun beach attire. Where better to look than Billabong who is all about beach fun, and the sun. 

 Obsessed with this dress. It's perfect for me because I can easily wear it as an everyday dress with a cardigan or jacket....Thennnnnnn perfectly wear it over a swimsuit to the beach. It's double lined too which I love as I prefer not to have a see through swim suit coverups. Not to mention my number one is always comfort. It's coming to Mexico with me no doubt. A cute swimming suit duo from Billabong is also coming with me. Lets just hope I don't blind anyone with my winter white skin. hehehe.

So....want to try to win a $250 gift card to Billabong? I could spend that in 5 seconds on their website. Just go look, I promise you could too....It'd be the perfect way to start your new summer wardrobe!! Who doesn't like a shopping spree? Just enter below.....Make sure to tell all your friends to enter as well. For every friend you refer, it counts as an extra entry.

 Tell me your fun summer plans whether it be a big Caribbean cruise or a road trip down South with the fam...Where will you be taking your Billabong wear if you win?



  1. You look absolutely gorgeous in these pictures! I feel ya on the whole "winter white skin." I wore a dress this weekend and couldn't help but notice how bright white my legs were!


  2. So every time I go thrifting, I always think "how would brandi where this?" and it's really all the inspo i need to buy it haha.

    And we go to powell every year all summer long so I would be taking my winnings with me to the red sands!


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