What's the Overall Consensus?

Picked up these fun Free People overalls second hand at Uptown Cheapskate recently. I think they're the perfect color for fall and such a fun fit. I can't quite decide if I can pull off overalls or not! I've owned a million styles and brands of them...And I just do not even know how I feel about them!! Give me your opinion....


Outfit details:
Free People overalls from Uptown Cheapskate, Converse tennies, Madewell sweater, Fount Leather Goods tote, Modbod tee.


  1. LOVE, which I already shared with you IG, but I did have a question... Do you take your own photos, and if so, do you have any tips/tricks? Or, do you have a post about taking photos of yourself perhaps?!?!?

    I've new to the blogging world, and I've found the self photos to be the most difficult part for sure. Especially when trying to take pics of the outfit details.


  2. I like the overalls! :) I don't think anyone can just pull off wearing overalls, it's not for everyone. That's a fact. But you're one of the people that can, and you look absolutely stunning in them. Good share, lovely pictures!

  3. Love the relaxed vibe in overalls.


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