Look #2 with Savers

Ok so I promised another look put together with a few items I found at Savers Thrift Store
Lets just start with this backpack. Yep. Brand new Herschel backpack I found at Savers for $6.
Moccasins are also second hand. I found them like new as well and they're my favorite brand of moccasins--Minnetonka. Lastly is this jacket. It's one of my favorites. It's vintage 90's Gap. I love the fit, the color...Everyone must own a denim jacket and mine just so happened to be only $4. A staple that didn't break my bank account hehe. (Cuz lets be honest I have splurged on staple items in the past.) As I'm writing this post, I already have the itch to go back and see what I can find today. haha


Outfit details:
Bag, shoes and jacket are thrifted from Savers, Joes denim (old), and Madison and Sixth tee.

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