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When people hear that I love to shop second hand...I get a lot of different reactions...haha. Thrifting is for sure not for everyone. People often say if they do ever go, they never find anything. Well... to be honest, there are times when I walk into a thrift store and walk out empty handed. But I go again and I go often.  I think shopping second hand is so wonderful. Something that isn't necessary for someone else anymore can end up being a treasure for someone else. The best for me is that it makes things that I could never normally afford actually affordable. Today I thought it would be fun to share a days thrift haul! Yesterday I hit up two Deseret Industries and a Savers. I spent a little under $100 on everything! Wait til you see what I spent that money on. It's sometimes hard to believe. Can't wait to share.

24 items total and I spent about $94. A few were even less than $1. Sheesh you can't even buy a candy bar at the movie theater for less than $1! 
 Genuine leather pillows. I loved the color!
 A vintage genuine Coach bag, I am a sucker for these anywhere I can find them. The best is when you find them tucked away behind random bags and no one even realized its value.

I also loved these vintage wall hangings. Both gorgeous quality.
 A brand new Herschel backpack!! I hopped up and down a little with this one hehe.
 Pretty vintage linen dress.
 I love love love it when you end up finding something you've been needing and looking for. This is a barely used weaved runner rug for our hallway! We have wood floors and were wanting one to help with the pitter patter of feet.
 Leather Hauraches. These are my favorite kind of shoes. Not my size so they'll be going up for sale on my instagram shop---@stylish_treasures!
 I've been looking at some gorgeous pillows on etsy (and still plan to buy a few) but it's so fun to find some so unique! The detailing on the front one is just exquisite. The pillow behind I feel is simple and accents the other so well!
 2 large antique barrels. These are great because you can use them outside or inside! Hold blankets or plant some pretty flowers! Also a Mexican blanket which is staple item for me. I own several and find them the best kind of blanket to grab and go. This one I bought for Huck for the back seat of my car. 
This is vintage and I believe a rug but I plan to use it as a wall hanging. It has a fun boho vibe to it.
 Both of these rugs were BRAND new with the tags still attached. Woot woot.
 A set of 3 antique bottles and pretty wood decor. 
A wicker chair and this amazing antique farmhouse chair. I love accenting the simplicity of these with a fun pillow. 
Look at the seat! It's in amazing shape. 

I didn't pay more than $10 for any one of these items. It's crazy to think the retail value of just a few of them alone!! For example, here are a few items similar if not the same online:
Best of all mine are unique and some one of a kind.

 I'm excited to give them a new life and use my imagination of their possibilities. Do you see items that you would have totally overlooked? One of the biggest keys to thrift shopping is looking outside of the box at the possibilities. Don't look at a chair...Picture the chair in a corner with a pretty rug underneath, next to a weaved basket and a colorful pillow sitting on it. But here is a precaution...most importantly, don't buy something just because it's cheap and kinda cool. Stick to things you know you have a place for. And if you don't, get rid of something to get something. Luckily I don't have a hard time getting rid of things so I often make myself get rid of something to get something else. Also a side note..I do clean each item that needs it like pillows and chairs. Some may find it gross to buy certain items. I agree to an extent but like I said, thrift shopping isn't for everyone. If it bothers you that much, it's probably not for you.

There you have it! All in a hard days work hehe.

A few of these items will be listed on my instagram shop so search @stylish_treasures there!!



  1. I love thrift shopping too! I think the things that I would find are different from what you would find, but I completely agree that it is great because it makes items I wouldn't buy, because of price, affordable! Thanks for sharing!

  2. That is a dang good haul! I love thrift shopping and stumbling upon that perfect, unique item that just fills your heart with joy. It's worth the hunt. :) Question: if I remember right, you live in the Salt Lake area. Are there any specific thrift store locations you recommend? Which locations did you visit on this epic day, for instance? Having a little kid with me 24/7 really cuts down on the time I can spend just sifting through the racks and aisles, and if there are certain stores where you've had great luck, I'd love to know so I can take a look for myself.

    Thanks! (Can't get over those leather pillows, by the way. :)

    1. I went to the DI in sandy, the savers in draper and midvale. But honestly lady I shopped for like 6 hours!! I take my time and go through EVERYTHING!! 2 of the stores I went to a lady was there with her 2 kids and her son was out of control. I felt bad for her and also felt for any woman who wants to thrift who has kids. It's hard I know!!! I'd recommend asking the hubby for an afternoon on your own haha and get some good thrift store time!! But if not every single savers or di I go to are always great becusse they're so big. I don't have a favorite I just alternate which ones I go to every week. And yes I go every week!! Let me know if you have any other questions! Thanks for reading!!

  3. Our house will look amazing, thanks to you! I haven't even bought anything but that one basket! And my chair... but it will probably go in my room. haha!

  4. Those huaraches...what size might they be??

  5. Those huaraches...what size might they be??

  6. Those huaraches...what size might they be??

    1. Size 7. They're a little stretched out so they'll fit a 7.5 too!! I just listed them on my Instagram shop!

  7. I'd also like to know what thrift store locations that you may or may not favor over another. I love thrifting, it's my therapy! I mean seriously, 89% of the stuff in my home is thrifted and nobody would ever know ha. But yea, I have my favorite locations that I can super lucky at sometimes and other times, nada. What are your faves?

    Totally jealous about those wicker chairs.


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