Snack Time

Probably one of my most favorite things and one of my biggest weaknesses is that I like to snack. Especially on the go! I love to have something to munch on in the car or while I'm watching a show. I recently came across a company called Graze which is exactly the kind of snacks I've been wanting to have to grab and go.
So Graze is a snack subscription that sends out individually wrapped snacks for on the go! You get a box with 8 yummy and healthy snacks. One for everyday of the week with a spare to share or indulge one day hehe. The portions are small yet satisfying so you're not overeating but feeling content.
The first box is filled with the top rated snacks. It's fun because you don't really know what's coming. It gives you the chance to try new things and see what you like. You'll learn what you do and don't like and when this happens you can rate the snacks on Graze's website. Some may have allergies or dietary restrictions so if that's the case, they'll make sure there are certain snacks you never receive. I love it! These are perfect for the summer when Huckleberry and I run up for a hike in the mountains for a few hours. Pop them in my backback with a waterbottle and I have a great snack to go with the pretty view at the top of the mountain.
Check out their website and while doing so, use code "RUN" to receive your first box free!
Now excuse me while I finish up this delicious dried fruit then take a nap on my vintage blanket I inherited from Grandma and Grandpas house. 


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  1. Those snacks look delicious, but I don't think they'd last me very long... :)


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