This week I visited a new store in Salt Lake called Madison and Sixth. It's a fun little boutique where I found the perfect little basics like this simple striped skirt. 

Here are a few other item I liked. 
I see a color scheme going on here...Or a lack there of hahaha. 
I ended up coming home with a charcoal grey top like the white one (So tempted by the white though hehe), the striped skirt, and this amazing sweater. (Which will have to wait in my closet for a few more months, but I couldn't pass it up!) Their prices are comparable to Forever 21 which was really nice! Plus the day I went they were running a sale where you buy 3 and get 1 FREE! Stop in if you're ever in this area!!



  1. That sweater looks so cozy! You're adorable :)

    xo, kiely
    pocket of blossoms

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  3. White tee + stripped skirt = winning.

    Love it!


  4. effortless style, simple and classy!



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