Slow to Anger is Better

As this is the last day of May, I thought I would end it right with a little Sunday style and inspiration.

Isn't this skirt from Little Mistress so pretty?? Even better it's perfect for summer. Super light weight and the perfect floral print. It's been a little chilly around here which is why I'm wearing my typical leather jacket but I'll wear this skirt comfortably deep into the heat of the summer.


I thought I would share a couple of scriptures that comes to my mind often. They're both short and easy to memorize so I would love to invite you to do so. And when you're having angry feelings or about to lose it....Think of these words:

"He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty." -Proverbs 16:32

There was a story told of a man in the LDS church named Charles W. Penrose. He had served as a missionary in England for 11 YEARS! When he was released, he sold some of his belongings to pay for his trip to move out west. While doing so, some of the towns people accused him of stealing others property. He was angry, went home, and wrote some verses to a hymn. I love the words he wrote:

School thy feelings, O my brother;
Train thy warm, impulsive soul.
Do not its emotions smother,
But let wisdom’s voice control.
School thy feelings; there is power
In the cool, collected mind.
Passion shatters reason’s tower,
Makes the clearest vision blind. …
School thy feelings; condemnation
Never pass on friend or foe,
Though the tide of accusation
Like a flood of truth may flow.
Hear defense before deciding,
And a ray of light may gleam,
Showing thee what filth is hiding
Underneath the shallow stream.
School thy feelings, O my brother;
Train thy warm, impulsive soul.
Do not its emotions smother,
But let wisdom’s voice control.

"Be not hasty in thy spirit to be angry; for anger resteth in the bosom of fools." -Ecclesiastes 7:9

I'm without doubt plenty guilty of it. We are all guilty of it. But how about we try to be better. Stop being so quickly offended. Stop taking things so personally. People can be mean. I won't deny it. And in some instances it is appropriate to be angry. But let's try to bite our tongues. Lets learn to brush aside offense and keep moving forward. Let us control our tempers, put a smile on our face, speak words of love, peace, and respect. Overshadow hate. Let us be the friend that is needed.


Outfit details:
Little Mistress Skirt, (on sale!)  Madewell leather jacket, Madewell tee, thrifted heels.


  1. gorgeous skirt!

    xx nikki

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