Huckleberry and my Adventure Backpack

My puppy is here! He is officially mine and I honestly just feel so happy and content. His name is Huckleberry and I'm officially obsessed. He's gonna be my little adventure dog along with this gorgeous leather backpack from Calvin and Mitchell Co, Inc. Adventures await this summer! PS use code "runstyle10" for $10 off orders over $50 on their website. I also love love love this bag and it's definitely on my wishlist!! 
And just for a little more lovin a couple more photos of Huck's first day with me at my house.
 Snoozing away on the steps.


  1. So cute!! Puppies are seriously one of the best things in this world. I'm so happy for you. :)

  2. I. Cant. Even. Huck is the cutest little guy- my heart nearly exploded with that picture of him in your bag haha. It looks you two have become fast buddies! Now hand him over so I can cuddle him :) :)

    xo marlen
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  3. he is sooo sweet!!

    xx nikki

  4. What an adorable cuddle buddy. xo


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