Sharing a Couple Secrets

So....I guess I'll share a little secret of mine. I'm kinda obsessed with shopping at Uptown Cheapskate. Here's the thing...I can take items to sell there, then I have credit to use so it's pretty much like I'm just making an easy trade. I am really good at owning a lot of stuff. But I'm also really really good at filtering and getting rid of stuff as well. So Uptown is just all around really great for me.
These Converse, this genuine leather jacket (brand is Mango!!) , and the striped button down are all items I have found at Uptown Cheapskate. At a fraction of what they are retail. (I mean...This leather jacket??!!!) Thrifting and buying second hand in general is just wonderful for me because I love name brands but you know what? I can't always afford to spend what they cost brand new. I love the thrill of finding cool amazing items as well. Cool unique stylish items that half the time I search for online after I find them and they're usually sold out. Which isn't so great for someone who wants it when they see I have it but its great for me because then I have something that no one else can get anymore. hehe.

I'll share one more secret and that is that my favorite of the Utah Uptown Cheapskates is the one downtown. I always find the best things at this location. Just watch out for bums (sorry to be blunt or sound rude, but I'm being totally serious...)  Honestly...They're all really great. But downtown is my #1. Secrets out now. How about just go sell all your stuff there so I can go buy it. wink wink.

Also I noticed on Instagram that the company I got this awesome leather watch from---Dapper Finish--- is offering 15% off using code "dapper1" just through the month of February. I like a good deal. And I like sharing a good deal on things I like too!! hehe. Enjoy!!

Outfit details:
Shoes, Leather Jacket, and Top all from Uptown Cheapskate, JCrew denim, Ray-Ban Sunglasses, Dapper Finish Watch, Christina Nicole mountain range necklace.


  1. I just found the best deal at Uptown Cheapskate this weekend! Steve Madden moccasins for only $3.56. And they are seriously almost brand new! Love thrift shopping.

  2. second hand shopping is the best! we have buffalo exchange in dc and i do the same thing!
    xx nikki


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