Life Lately with a Style Flash

It's been a while since I shared what was going on in my life lately. It's weird cuz not much has gone on but at the same time a lot has haha. I went home to Idaho for a week. My parents dogs had little adorable puppies that I'm pretty much obsessed with. I spent my days watching lots of good movies and cuddling with little puppies and momma dogs. Seeing my family was wonderful too. Ready for puppy overload?? 
 This is beautiful Rivkah and her little bundles of preciousness.
 Seriously though. HEART EYES!!
 These are Grace's three beauties. They came out big and are just the sweetest things.
One of Rivi's little boys catching flies!! haha. They all LOVVEEE having their tummies scratched.
And One of Gracies little boys sticking his tongue out at me. I seriously fell in love with them. I can't wait to see them again and I'm excited that when I do their little eyes will be looking back at me!

If you may be interested in an English Cream Golden Retriever find my parents facebook page "Buckley's Hollow Golden Retrievers."

And heres a little style flash of thrift finds and a few outfits that didn't make the blog yet:
 Thrift find!! Vintage genuine leather jacket.
My rad dipped top is from Recycle, Consign, and Design. Love it's uniqueness and fun oversized fit!
 Favorite Bungalow 123 scarf, JCrew denim, Maeberry Vintage boots, vintage Coach bag.
 I found these Salt Water sandals almost brand new!! I own a red pair and was literally going to invest in this color but found them recently second hand. I was soo excited.
 Sam Edelman leopard tennies, Anthropologie trench, Fount Leather Goods bag.
 Thrifted and vintage Poncho!! Such a cool western feel to it!
 A vintage inspired sweater I recently found at JCrew, matched with my leopard sneakers that I wear everyday.
 I just found this Anthropologie sweater recently second hand. I think it goes quite well with my leopard flats. I like mixing prints. :)
 Andddddd a splurge from Madewell. The perfect pair of overalls. And a perfect basic tee from Joah Brown.
Last but not least another second hand find. This sweater I wanted at Urban Outfitters when it was there. Finding it thrifting is my favorite cuz I buy it for a fraction of the cost. SCORE!!

Thats all for now. Life is good and stylish and just full of good things.



  1. SO adorable!!! I wish I could meet these cuties! How fun that they had their puppies about the same time. :) And of course, I love all of your fashion pictures!

  2. ahh those puppies are so cuteee!
    xx nikki

  3. oh if only i could have one of those puppies, so so cute:) i love your leopard prints:)xx

  4. oh if only i could have one of those puppies, so so cute:) i love your leopard prints:)xx


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