Happy Valentines with Christina Nicole

 For Christmas, the sweet Christina Nicole (whom I met on instagram...go figure. But I'm serious, I love her. She is beautiful on the inside as well on the outside.) back to story.....For Christmas she sent me this mountain range necklace!  Just the sweetest kindest gesture. Little did she know of my love for the mountains. I live 10 minutes from them and most days just looking at them takes my breath away. It couldn't have been a more perfect gift for me. Not to mention my love for dainty, unique jewelry. Her selection is among my most admired of any that I have ever seen. This beauty I'm wearing is a hand sculpted little masterpiece. Sculpted with Christina's grandfathers chisel--etched, fired, and refined. Each one is just a little different so no one will have my same pendant. This particular necklace was inspired by their mantra "We are made to conquer mountains." I believe that with all my heart and love to wear it near my heart to remind myself of that daily.

 I am so so excited to be able to give one of the Mountain Range necklaces away this Valentines weekend. I don't have a Valentine, (no this is not a pity party!) but I would love to give one to a Pal-entine! hehe. Grab your phone and search your instagram for @runstylerun to find out how to enter.

Christina is offering all of you 25% off your purchase using code "RUNSTYLERUN" at checkout! (This code doesn't apply to already discounted-sale items.) This will be good until February 21. You have to look through her website. It is stunning!! Let's all show our support to this small, beautiful, and very well deserved business. 



  1. Love everything about this post! ... Pal-entine - Hahaha never heard that one before.

  2. that necklace is gorgeous!

    xx nikki


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