Goals to a Healthier Me

January was a HARD month for me. I feel like it's that awful limbo month where it's just cold, gloomy, holidays are over, and now you're feeling ready for spring. At least that's how I feel! I kinda gave up the "New Years resolution" idea...Instead I've tried to go week by week. In December I made a few small goals for myself to be better health wise. I thought I would share them here because I think they're quite attainable for anyone and everyone at least for a start! 
1-I talked more about my fitness routine HERE. But one goal was to be better at running. I hate to run on the treadmill and I don't love the cold but I endure it if it's not too icy outside. (I linked all this fitness gear I'm wearing below which is all PERFECT for these cold months outside. Warm yet breathable. Read this post for more info on this brand.)  I made a goal to run at least 2-3 times a week. That is very little for me considering I was running 4-5 in the summer but its maintainable and keeps me feeling good. I also started taking a Bikram yoga class. I did make a goal to stretch before and after my runs. I have found my flexibility over the years has really gotten terrible. And that is so important with any exercise you do! I know Yoga will help me a ton with that. One more thing I am doing for strenth and cardio is using a Kettlebell. I went to Walmart and purchased a 15 lb-er. It is a great overall body toner/cardio workout! I'll have to talk about its benefits along with my other fitness favorites at a later post.
2-I went to Sprouts and bought a gallon water bottle. They're only $1. I want to drink one of them a day! The reason I did the gallon jug was it was easy for me to see how well I could do in a day. Most days I don't quite finish it but I at least try to get close. 
3-A smoothie a day. I am juicing carrots, celery, oranges, cucumber, and apples. Sometimes I will just drink that then make a shake later in the day. Or if I will be out all day, I make that then mix it in with my smoothie which I've been making with spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, kale, chia seeds, banana, and strawberry. I'm not much of a veggie eater so I like to mix as many veggies as I can in there and keep it as whole as I can. Sometimes with the smoothies I will add a little water or vanilla yogurt. I've heard almond milk is yummy too. Adding the juice keeps it very very clean and that is my main goal with making the green smoothie or juicing. Getting the full benefit of what good it will be.
4-No sweets during the week. I got this idea from my roommate. She and her boyfriend allow themselves sweets on the weekends. So I've tried to incorporate that in my routine and I've actually really enjoyed it. When the weekend comes, I am very choosy about what I want my sweet to be! I used to just eat whatever and now I will decide what is worth it. 

That's about it for now. I wanted to make realistic goals that wouldn't make me feel deprived. I've been better about how often I eat out and where but by no means haven't been perfect. French fries are my biggest weakness for sure. I could live off of them. Especially from Chic-Fil-A. It's terrible. 

Each week I try to evaluate how I did and see what I need to improve for the next week. (Which is every single one of them.) But hey...I am trying!

What are some goals that you have made that have helped you? I would love some ideas for what I should add next!

Photo credit: Travis J Photography
Outfit details:
Jacket and pants from Swim Spot. I'm also wearing their sports bra which I LOVE! Shoes are thrifted Asics.


  1. i love the last one! i try to do that too, i try to save a cheat meal and a drink or two for the weekend!

    xx nikki

  2. Such great goals! I think the week idea is really smart. My sister and I are doing a juice cleanse for a day and a half (we bought a three day pack and split it), so far so good (I'm only on my second juice... haha! But it's not very long, so I think I've got this)


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