If You Can't Tell, Why Should I?

Here are two looks I've worn recently that are almost entirely second hand!
 First look details:
Sweater is Zara, Leather jacket is Mango, Loafers are Bass, jeans are Paige, and the bag is Holding Horses for Anthropologie. Now can you guess what's thrifted vs. not thrifted?? I can't help but think of that Suave commercial..."If you can't tell, why should we?" I'll just say one thing. You don't have to spend a lot to wear the brands you love. You just need to know where and how to look. I didn't pay anywhere near retail on one item here and 85% of it is from a thrift store.
 Second look details:
Sweater is vintage (I really need to share another photo showing my sweater. It's angora, short sleeved, and has a v in the back.) Obviously you know I found it at a thrift store. Boots are also vintage I found at Maeberry Vintage in Salt Lake. Jeans are JCrew, and jacket is originally from Forever 21 but I found it at a thrift store for $8.
 I LOVE everything about these Maeberry Vintage boots. They're circa 1980's and didn't have an ounce of wear on them. Plus the color and details are to die for.
Hasta luego amigos! Have a great weekend!!



  1. yup, you're adorable. i'm the worst at finding thrifted clothing! know any good places in provo?

    xo, k

    1. I don't EVER go down to Provo. I did actually find this Zara sweater at a new thrift store in American Fork. But overall I didn't love the store. Honestly though Kiely, I go EVERYWHERE and I go often. Thats how I am able to find cool things so much. Cuz I go every chance I get.

  2. oh if i could be convinced I would find the great stuff you do here in Vintage stores I would be so there:) really great lookx

  3. I love both of these looks! Anytime someone compliments a piece of clothing I blurt out , "it's thrifted!" I'm trying to stop. :)

    1. Hahaha...Today I was at a store and a lady came up to me. "i'm sorry to bug you but I have to ask where you got your shoes!! I've been wanting a pair in white with red." (They're my vintage nikes..) I'm like, "uh I found them at an estate sale for $5!" But I always love recommending how I find items like ebay or even vintage inspired things...Nike has come out with some fun vintage inspired tennies but the lady and I both agreed it's not quite the same. :)))

  4. love that leather jacket!

    xx nikki


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