Curly Curl Curls Tutorial

I have had so so many requests on how I do the curls I wear most everyday so here is a simple "how to" for you. 
This is all I use. The curling iron is a 1 inch. This is my favorite sea salt texturizing spray. Smells great and works so well! 

 I wash my hair, blow dry it, and curl it the first day. Then I can go 5-7 days between washes with light touch ups and dry shampoo here and there. 

To start I curl my hair in 3 sections. Starting with the bottom section, I spray the texturizing spray in lightly and wait until it dries. Then I grab the first small handful of hair and curl all the way around the first section. I curl the pieces closest to my face away from my face then switch directions with the curls each time. I open the clamp, start at the root, and wrap my hair around the curling iron leaving about an inch of the bottom out so it gives a more unkempt curl. You will get a major ringlet. I like to get it as curly as I can. I talked Karla into letting me try it on her so here is just a rough photo to help get a visual. (Sorry, I'm not savvy with any video electronics to do that sort of tutorial haha.)
(I don't touch the curls until the very very end...)
Take out the middle section and repeat! Spray, let it dry, then curl it keeping the sizes of hair sections that you grab a little different each time and switching the directions you wrap around each time. Finish the top section. Always wrap the hair closest to your face (bangs, etc) away from your face. I spray in a little more texturizing spray after my whole head is curled. Then when all the curls are cooled I run my fingers through it all. I like to scrunch it and break up all the curls so its a fun beachy curly mess. 
I did Karla's hair twice. The first time I did it with my curling iron, which doesn't get as hot so we definitely got more of a wave with her hair. She has very soft hair that doesn't curl as well on the ends but with the sea salt spray, it made it a really fun wave. Here was the first results.
To be honest, after a few days mine ends up looking more like this. Which I love. You get a few different looks from the same curling session.

We decided to try it again with her curling wand which gets really really hot really quickly. It curled super well and turned out a little more like mine normally does. We loved both versions!!
I hope this all makes sense. It really is a super easy technique. If you try it I would love to see photos!! Feel free to email me with any questions as well.


PS Follow Karla on instagram @karlareed. Also mine is @runstylerun. 


  1. your hair always looks amazing!

    xx nikki

  2. Wow!! How simply you have shared detail that every girl can learn making curls to her hairs. Dear I don’t have any hair tool but now I will buy curling irons so that I can make beautiful curls as like as yours. I also have short and soft hairs so might be it will difficult to make curls.


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