Basic Comfies with a Cherry on Top

 I have quite a love for vintage coats. This time of year...When you know you've eaten too much junk and not exercised enough. (Please say I'm not alone..haha) I love just throwing on a comfy pair of leggings or tennis shoes (super basic comfies) and pairing them with an oversized or long fun vintage coat. These are two of my favorites. The yellow one just so happens to be one from my grandma Holbrooks closet! I was able to keep a few of her clothes. I just can't help but wonder where it went with her.
 Outfit #1 details:
Grandmas vintage coat, Gap scarf, Paige denim, vintage Nike tennies, Madewell chambrae top.
Outfit #2 details:
Madewell leggings and boots, vintage coat.


Of course I had to throw in a picture that you just can't help but smile looking at. We wanted to take a picture all together. Charlotte, Karla's little 1 year old, just wanted to take my phone. And that she did...While we giggled away at her.



  1. that yellow coat is gorgeous!

    xx nikki

  2. I love both looks, and Karla's little one is so adorable!


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