A Journey through the Eras

 I think by now you all know I love love thrift shopping. hehe. To help keep that love of going each week in check and not having clothes bursting out my bedroom door, I did the whole Ebay selling. Then Instagram came around and I got to starting an "instagram shop." Such a funny thing to call it but it has been so much fun for me this past couple years I've done it!! I've loved it, sent so many treasures all over the country (and out of the country), and have become acquainted with so many amazing people! This week I decided to style a few pair of shoes I have for sale! And when I say style I mean pair it with a simple tee and jeans. My "go to." It's cool how a pair of shoes can switch up a look though. All shoes are available in my shop @stylish_treasures.
Ready for a little journey through some fun eras?
I'd say these are totally 70's inspired! Guatemalan made leather moccasins.
 On to the 1980's with some retro Reeboks. These are seriously awesome.
 We'll finish with the 1990's...where the vintage cut off is if you're being politically correct....Some Dr. Martens themselves. Believe it or not these babies are making a comeback. 

Find my shop on instagram @stylish_treasures. There are a ton more amazing items still available or feel free to email me for things you may be looking for. I love the thrill of the find!!



  1. i just was looking at your shop yesterday! love!

    xx nikki

  2. OMG i just love those high tops in red & white..

    1. Thank you! They sold really quick on my instagram shop.

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