Weekend Happenings

I really just had the best weekend. Saturday morning I got an email from a friend offering tickets to the BYU game so I text my dad (who LOVES BYU) "Dad, want to go to the BYU game tonight?" Mind you he lives in Idaho. Three hours away. He thought I was joking. I wasn't joking. So his spontaneous self jumped in the car and headed down my way! We bundled ourselves up and headed down to Provo.
Hot dogs, kettle corn, loads of hot chocolate, and lots of selfies as you can see.... I don't think I could have picked a better person to go with! He knows everything there is to know about football and knows what happens before anyone else calls it. He had the utmost patience with me to answer my questions and explain what was happening. We had seriously the best time despite the 23 degree weather. BYU ended up beating UNLV 42-23. Woot woot. Go Cougs!!

Sunday we enjoyed church then visited my aunt Jackie and grandparents. It was so wonderful to spend time with my dad and have our heartfelt talks. He and I do that well...
 This is grandma's cat Mac. Grandma sure loved this cat. It made me think of her a lot.
 My dad is the best. He fixed a few things I needed done around my apartment including hanging this mirror. It was gathering dust on it cuz it had waited so patiently to be put up. Thanks dad.
A memorable weekend for me for sure. And now to the start of another week. A cold week.



  1. Awe that's what dads are for:) Love the mirror, I could see that in our new apartment:)

  2. Loved this post! What a fun night! So cute!

  3. I love how your outfit at the game didn't sacrifice style for warmth. So cute.

  4. awh what a good dad you have! sounds like a great weekend!

    xx nikki


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