Stylish Treasures: Fall Edition

I have a whole handful of Fall/Winter friendly items on my instagram shop @stylish_treasures!! 

Here are a few I just added today:
 I had to nickname this one "The Goddess." It is the mother of all vintage coats. Beautiful fur collar, black and white detail with all the buttons intact.
 This one comes in close second, almost first to the previous jacket. Another vintage beauty. Lovely green color with a brown fur collar. This one may just stay in my winter wardrobe. Hate when this happens to me. hehe.
 Another vintage "made in USA" coat. Gorgeous red color. In amazing condition. Warm and eye catching.
I wore this several times last year. Such a fun plaid detail. Great colors. Perfect for Fall/Winter. 

There is so much more so search @stylish_treasures on instagram and I do everything safely through paypal. 



  1. that last coat is gorgeous!

    xx nikki

  2. love all the coats !! amazing choices :)



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