Life Lately

Time has been so good to me the past few weeks...Here are a few photos of what's been happenin...
This guy right here is quite wonderful. This past Saturday he and I ran the Haunted Half Marathon in Salt Lake! We've been running all summer and decided it would be fun to have something to work toward at the end of the "good weather seasons." We both were both pleased with our times. I finished 13 minutes faster than the American Fork Canyon Half I did in June this summer...I am happy with my progress and hope to be able to keep it up during the cold months!
 Salt Lake does Fall really well! It has been absolutely gorgeous. The colors and the weather have not disappointed.
I have been wanting one of these bags for month!! I was lucky enough to meet up with Sarah, the owner and designer of Anne B. I got to choose each detail of my bag and got to wait in anticipation as it was handmade especially for me. I watched her put the finishing touches on this one..hehe.. US made and best of all Anne B employs local refugees here in Salt Lake City. I feel so privilaged to know Sarah and see what hard work goes into her business. She is very well deserving. I hope you'll check out her website and I can't wait to style this beauty!!
I was lucky enough to win one of her cosmetic bags which fits nicely in my purse and goes with me everywhere. I loved the fabric so much that's what I decided to go with on my cross body bag as well. Swoon!!
 Just trying to stay cozy as the weather turns...


Let's just finish with a little "style flash"
 Karla and I checked out the new Uptown Cheapskate in Sugar House and found ourselves some treasures! It's a resell shop/consignment shop with lots of name brands! I purchased this fun sweater among other fun items.
 I've been wanting a fun, dainty, everyday necklace to wear with my longer ones and finally found this one from Wood Keeps. This one is called "She's a lady" and I added a little gold ring. This is another company I am beyond pleased with their mission. They strive to produce the best quality but with the lowest possible impact to the earth. All their products are crafted using reclaimed and re-purposed woods. They search for lumber with a history (which is my favorite part as you know I love vintage for that reason..) I also love that what they use allows them to have no waste in the furniture fabrication as they use the cut-offs and overshoots as keepsakes! Check out all their amazing items on their website HERE.    
I got these Asic tennies on Karla and I's excursion to Uptown Cheapskate. I have to hold myself off from wanting to go back! hehe.
 My love for Lotta comes along with me in the cooler months. :)
Vintage sweater for $5! woot woot.
Andd.....thats all folks! Thanks for following along!



  1. I love your enthusiasm for thrifting! It's the best way to shop. I created an activity, for the youth at church, that I called "The Why's and How's of Thrift Shopping" and it's posted on my blog.
    I included a list of the best place to thrift in the Salt Lake Valley, and I was wondering if you would add any other stores or places? Thanks!

  2. congrats on your half! so awesome!

    xx nikki


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