The Light at Sunset

Photo credit: LC Photography

I have been looking for a cute "affordable" vintage inspired swimsuit alllll summer. Mostly I've wanted some high waisted bottoms but majority that I have found have just been too dang expensive! I was so excited to come across KortniJeane on etsy. Her high waisted bottoms are only $28 and super quality! Plus it made me happy to see she was a local. Lives just 40 minutes from me. Her pattern selection is soooo fun! I think mixing and matching the prints makes these swimmers even more adorable and makes them unique to you.  I'm already putting a few from her shop on my wishlist for next year. 


It sure was delightful watching to sun go down while having these photos taken by Lindsay and Crystal. There is just something so special about how the light hits the water and how everything is suddenly for a short time turned an orangy glow. It's these little things I'm continuously grateful for. 
Anyone else feeling like "how in the heck is it the end of August?" Summer is not over. It's not. Swimsuits and sandals, shorts and tee's...All still permitted. I'm in no hurry for it to be over. So don't rush it ok? :)



  1. those bottoms are perfect! love the print and the fit!



  2. so glad we got to meet! and wow, you are gorg!!!

    Sandy a la Mode


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