An Old Soul

Shabby Apple dress 

 LC Photography helped capture such a romantic feel in these photos. It's like I jumped back in time, waiting for my ride to somewhere that only exists in my dreams. Wouldn't it be fun to be able to spend a day in the past? Where would you want to go? I don't even think I could answer that question..I have too many time periods I love. I have often been called "an old soul." I love vintage and old music. In my free time I enjoy listening to old records or scrounging antique stores. Most of the movies I own are classics. I love small towns that preserve their original buildings. I enjoy chatting with people in their older years learning about all the different things they've seen in their lives. I definitely live in the now but I so enjoy learning about and preserving the past.

I love the quote by Dr. Seuss: "Sometimes you will never know the value of something, until it becomes a memory."  Everything we do or have in our lives eventually becomes a memory. I think I enjoy old things so much because at one point they were a part of someones life story and moved on to become a part of their memory. Part of their existence on the earth. I like to collect those things to keep that story going in a direction "I" get to take it. Make it a part of my own memories. Obviously they're just "things" and eventually don't matter in an eternal realm but while here we can appreciate what they are and once were. Look at it as a slice of the past preserved in the now.



  1. I love this post, so much and relate more than you know. You said some of the exact reasons why I prefer antiques to new. There's a story there, i want to preserve it, i may not know it but I get to add my story to it.

    and these photos are stunning, you look beautiful!

  2. your hair looks amazing here! great photos!




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