Adventures on Lake Almanor

I just had the most amazing long weekend! Spent in beautiful Northern California on Lake Almanor with good friends....This is my third time up there the past few years and I can easily say it's one of my favorite places I've ever been to. We filled our days with so many activities! Running, wake surfing, wakeboarding, swimming, laying out, walks, jet skiing, a little tennis, kayaking, singing, lots of food, lots of laughs, dancing, relaxing, and just a lot of fun! Photos don't do justice but it's always fun to share.

 ^^I figured out surfing without holding onto the rope! Wohoo... My friends thought it would be funny, while I'm trying to master the art, to fake surf tackle while I'm out there. You can tell how thrilled I was about that by the look on my face..haha...Vern said "they made me do it!" yeah yeah...

 ^^On our last night we took a walk and enjoyed the lovely California sunset.

We nicknamed these poses and our adventures earlier in the day Poca-gawea...(kayaking and singing may have been involved.) I was considered the navigator and McCall was just the legit cool adventurer. We may be in our late 20's, but our little girlish sides tend to come out in cool places such as these.


Today I feel like I'm recovering a little...some sore muscles, a little sunburn, and a couple bruises...haha. But...I'm not gonna lie...I wish I was still looking at these views in person. Such a wonderful getaway where numerous times I smiled just for no reason because I felt pure bliss. Lots of thanks to my friend McCall whom I've been able to enjoy many life adventures with over the past decade. I am always grateful for our friendship.


PS The Albion Fit $50 giftcard giveaway winner was picked! Make sure you check the post HERE to see if it was you. Thanks to all those who participated. I enjoyed receiving your emails and positive feedback.

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