Retro Shades

When I wear these shades from Kameleonz I can't help but think of summer and the beach boys. Two very happy vibed subjects. Their whole slogan is "lifes a beach" which I totally love. Do you have a favorite beach boys song? Mine would definitely have to be "Good Vibrations." I remember it clearly. 1st grade. A little boy named Madison would sing to me often the line "I...I love the colorful clothes she wears.." (except he would say 'you'...) "and the way the sunlight plays upon your hair." I think of him even to this day whenever I hear that song. haha. Oh kid crushes...

  These are the Sahara triple set which I have been sooo happy with. They're polarized and UV400 which makes them the must have summer sunnies in my opinion!!  I love the neutral brown color of these ones. It's also fun because the arms are interchangeable for the chance to add a pop of different color.

Good quality, great price, and super fun retro vibe. 

Check out their website HERE and use code "brandi" for 20% off your entire purchase!



  1. I really love this look, brandi! So cute!! Also, love your hair!

  2. I love this Brandi! And those sandals are so pretty!

  3. You really need some new jeans honey! DAD xoxo

  4. i love your sandals!




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