Ideal Summer Days with Eden Pier

A few things I love on an ideal summer day:

 A beautiful place, cold beverage, a good read, and some sunshine to soak up. That's it. Pure simplicity. No plans, just relaxation and some good company. 

Eden Pier swimsuit and cover-up C/O, Free People Hat

A good summer day also requires a cute comfy outfit and I love love love this one from Eden Pier. The swimsuit has such a  retro vibe which I love and the fit is so cute.  Isn't the design so fun? I'm also very impressed with the quality...It is extremely well made. The cover-up which comes separately just so happen to go with this particular swimsuit perfectly and is so dreamy comfortable.Their website is full of beautiful modest vintage inspired swimsuits. Visit HERE to see their fun selection and use code "runstylerun20" for 20% off your entire purchase at checkout! If you have any questions about fit or sizing feel free to contact me. But for the most part I would say they fit exactly true to size.


So now tell me one of your ideal summer days?



  1. Lovely blog!!! Also the outfits are so pretty!

  2. love that suit!



  3. Seriously all the sunshine I need comes from you

  4. Where can you get a good Mexican blanket like that? I know Amazon has them, but I mean the
    one like you have there that is soft.


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