I Love This Land

Thrifted skirt and bag, F21 top, Lotta clogs.

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I spent the evening with my lovely friend Karla last night to ring in the 4th of July celebrations. We just so happen to have color coordinated our outfits... What are the chances we both wear red, white, and blue the day before Independence Day? hahaha. Totally kidding.

 I was delighted to take a few photos of her. 

Karla's outfit is entirely thrifted! Follow her here on Instagram (search @karlareed) or Pinterest.
She has fabulous unique style. I love seeing what she comes up with everyday.

 Laugh, enjoy yourselves, and be safe this weekend!

^^Hahahah...love my friend Karla. Here's a reminder to not always take life so seriously.

"I'm proud to be an American..."

 Happy Independence day America!

God Bless the USA.


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