A Few Things

Wow...This week flew by. Thought I would share a few things that just plain made me happy. 

I was gone a whole week and with our schedules completely different, I rarely ever see my roommates....So, I was so happy to be able to spend some time with my bestie Ashley. (PS we missed you McCall!)

Thoroughly sifted through Albion Fit at City Creek. I am so happy and excited to be working with them in the near future!

Can't wait to share what I got!

Discovered on a random drive by a tiny vintage shop with a fun assortment of vintage lovelies at affordable prices! Two things make me very happy...shopping and vintage. Put them together and I'm in heaven.  If you're in the Salt Lake area and you like vintage....You will love this quaint little shop!

 My find at Luna Dust Vintage. Perfect white embroidered top. Oh the possibilites.

The shop owner humbly obliged to me taking her photo...hehe. It's just what I do, people.

Climbed up Ensign Peak for the first time ever! Seeing the view of the city made me happy.

Lastly is this little book. "One Good Deed a Day." Obviously you don't need a book to tell you what you should and shouldn't do. But it sure is nice to have a little reminder to do things you may not ordinarily do. I've been really trying to be grateful and notice the little things. Live the little things. Especially be aware of those around me. What I could do better to make them happy. Because happy people tend to also make me happy. It's a wonderful circle that I think we could all be better at working on. So yeah...Let's all try to focus on one good deed a day. Being more positive, motivating, and happy! It gives life more meaning. 


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