What She Wears//Floral Edition

Spring time! What better way to ring it in than to have our "what she wears" theme this month be "floral."

Just FYI...This dress is a plus size dress. Yep. Found it in the plus size section at a thrift store for $4. You can only know that I have quite an imagination when it comes to shopping at thrift stores. I like giving possibility to most anything. Especially pretty florals! And hey...We went into Anthropologie shortly after we took these photos and I had the cashier and one other girl compliment my dress. If only they really knew...Take that Anthropologie.

 Photos credit: Brehappy Photography

 New to our link up? Here's what we're doing. Every first Tuesday of the month (This month we are a week behind though) we pick a theme and you get to share. We want originality and creativity. So get motivated to style a new outfit for our link up orrrrr..... link up with an old outfit. Don't feel rushed either because it goes on for an entire week! 
For some fabulous inspiration, check out all the hostesses:
We will each choose our favorite next Tuesday and feature that lovely lady on our blog. Don't have a blog?? Hashtag #whatshewearsstyle and tag me (@runstylerun) We want EVERYONE participating!


And just for kicks and giggles...A couple more fun photos with my shoot with Brehappy Photography.



  1. Loooooove this!!!!! and all the photos! My gosh... they're fabulous!

  2. This is stunning, so perfect for springtime! It looks gorgeous on you xo

  3. those oxfords are so cute!



  4. Seriously, that dress is EVERYTHING! I love it so much and really admire your craftiness when it comes to thrift store looks. You have such an idea for an amazing find.

  5. This is just adorable! I love the florals with the socks and shoes!! TOO CUTE!! {Stopping by from What She Wears Link up} It's so nice to meet you!

    Afternoon Espresso


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