Weekend Happenings

I'm going to try to keep my "weekend happenings" posts up to share my random weekend activities. 

Here we go:

 I have been spending a significant amount of time with my grandparents since I've moved to Salt Lake. I have enjoyed my time with them so much! Because of health reasons, they've needed to move from their house of 35 years to an assisted living home. Change is so so hard but when it's for the better...It's a good thing. I've been taking photos, breathing in the air, taking mental pictures of their house because we will be preparing it to sell. I took over 300 photos the other day and will have to share some more soon... For now I will share a few of my favorites. Which of course mostly include my grandparents. 

^^ My mom. Her smile hasn't changed...

 I walked around for a couple hours just soaking it all in. 

 Mom and Dad came into town to help get them moved.
 It was nice spending a little time with them, as it usually is.

Also...The weather has been GORGEOUS! Perfect warm spring. I am loving it!

We went for a little drive tonight before we headed to see "Monuments men". (which by the way was really good..and interesting) Dad drove around his old childhood stomping grounds. He could name who lived in each house in the neighborhood, some events that took place in certain places, and this cute little house was the house  he grew up in. Such a treat seeing and hearing about these sorts of things. I especially love picturing him as a crazy kid running around the same streets and up these same stairs! Hiding in the shrubs out in front. All the adventures he had. 

^^He even came to this same Iceburg. Time just flies too fast I think. Sometimes it would be nice to go back to those days....

Good weekend so far! Grandma and Grandpa are officially moved into their new place. I know it will take a couple weeks to acclimate but I am certain they'll be happier with the more extensive care they will be able to receive. 

Tomorrow is Sunday! So glad for that....


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