I had the opportunity to hang out with some of my favorite people in the whole world this weekend....

A little shopping, dinner, swimming, and a visit to the new Living Planet Aquarium.

^^This was the only photo I took Saturday on our shopping adventures...But its explanation itself what happens when the boys decide they want to tag along with Aunt Brandi... hehe


At the aquarium we discovered Utah, journeyed in South America, and explored the deep blue all in a couple hours.

 In South America they had the air humid just like it would be if we were really there! It made me miss Brazil.

 ^^Tanner was the most entertained while at the aquarium. This was his excited reaction to the exotic bird..."Look Mom, wow!!" 

^^Dane was definitely under stimulated so we found other ways to keep ourselves entertained...

 These boys... I just love every bit of them...

^^I spy with my little eye....something brown.

Anddddd.....the conclusion was, worn out kids=successful weekend.

I miss being close to my family so you can't even imagine how lovely my time with them was....


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  1. so cute!! looks like a great day :)




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