Gray Day

Wow...It went from a lovely sunny day yesterday to the grayest of gray days today.... That's Idaho for you. Bi-polar weather that can't make up its mind. 

I had such a good day though. I got to see my niece and a couple of my nephews. I spent time with my brother and dad. I just love my family to pieces!

My oldest nephew Preston has been learning how to play the guitar this year so tonight we got to hear him at a restaurant in town.  He even had a solo...Sang and played "House of the Rising Sun" and I could not have been more proud of him! Especially because he only started learning 4-5 months ago!

Because I'm blog/internet challenged and have no idea how to load a video here...I posted a little snippet on my old instagram which I still keep active (it's hard to let go of things you consider kinda a journal!) @blonde_brandi if you want to hear him! He is to die for cute!!

And of course....Here is what I wore to match this gray cold day... I always share, you know, whether you like it or not. Hehe..

Vintage Pendleton Hat, F21 high waisted skinnies, Gap sweater, Madewell boots

Tonight...we were pulling up close to the restaurant and got stuck at the light so my dad tells us to jump out of the truck and head in...So we do, I get out, my hat flies right off my head in the wind and of course we are right next to a creek... My hat just flutters its way down down down into the water. I was ready to run across the busy street to catch it, thinking it was surely floating further and further away from me but realized it had actually not gone into the water but just on the bank! I seriously ran and climbed down almost under the bridge-- dirt, mud, spider webs included and saved my hat...Thank goodness. (You know my affinity for hats. Especially my collection. It hasn't come easily. haha) I would have cried. Is that sad? Meanwhile, my dad is parking the car worried that I had maybe fall in the ditch so he goes running to the creek unbeknown to him I was already in the restaurant. Me safe. Hat safe. All ready ready to hear some good tunes and eat steak. Story over...


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  1. Hahaha so awesome! Love that story and have definitely had moments like that myself. Hats are important!


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