"Dolphin Dolphin I adore...."

Have you all seen the movie Bedazzled? It's quite a fun movie...Guy gets a series of wishes, he wishes to be different in all sorts of ways so he can get the girl of his dreams... But the wishes come from the Devil. So EVERY time ends in disaster. Well...One of his wishes is to be the most sensitive man in the world. So he and this dream girl are sitting on the beach, they're watching the sunset, the setting is perfect! But he's so sensitive he doesn't realize that he is annoying her. He looks at the sunset, he cries. He looks at her, he wants to draw pictures of her beauty or sing sonnets. Then comes the reason to my story. THIS SONG. I swear. Every time I think, see, or hear about dolphins...I literally sing this song in my head. I am the biggest nerd. But it's hilarious! I seriously can't help but laugh.... And then I want to go eat a tuna fish sandwich with "mayo-ayo-naiisseee..."  I'll let you watch the movie for the rest of the details. hehe. 

 Necklace is C/O Wild Butterfly Boutique

 H&M sweater (I want ever color!),  Joes jeans,  Sam Edelman boots

I did not intentionally match with the dolphins though...This was a totally random drive by. Can't pass up a fun spot in my new city!



  1. If only I could afford to buy those shoes right now!

  2. I love your necklace and your shoes. So adorable!

  3. those booties are too cute!! perfect for the transition to spring/summer!



  4. Your hair is getting so long!

  5. Cute casual look and rockin' background! It's kind of intimidating how large it is... I would feel like it's coming at me! haha.

    Steph - Signing Steph


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