Back to my Roots

 Vintage sweater, UO high-waisted jeans, thrifted Birkenstocks, Target hat, Rayban sunnies

 Vintage jacket and jewelry

You may notice my hair is different. I've decided to go back to my original roots. I'm not even quite sure what that color is so we will see if we got it right here in a couple months hehe. It will be nice to just let it be and hopefully  it will become more healthy.

Oh man... This past week has been so good. I'm back in Salt Lake. I really really enjoyed being in Idaho close to my family. 

Today I was able to see family I haven't seen in a while! Aunts and Uncles, a few cousins...We are getting my grandparents house all cleaned out and ready to sell. That has not been an easy task considering they have lived their for over 35 years. We have been literally going through 100+ years of treasures! Stepping back into time and memories that have been away for a while. It has been an emotional rollercoaster but something that has been necessary. I will have to share soon some of the amazing treasures I was able to keep for myself. 



  1. Love the jeans and nail polish!

  2. i love that top! so cute!



  3. Loving your cute hair! So different but so pretty!!


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