Girl Date

I have had so much going on with moving and getting settled in...I was so excited when Karla, whom I've had contact with over instagram for a LONG time but never officially met in person, and I set up a lunch date! We had briefly met in person before so I was excited to be able to get to know her personally. 

She brought her darling little girl Charlotte who was such a joy to have with us. We met at Eva's Bakery downtown where we ended up having to re-feed our parking spot meters each once because we just talked and talked for hours. (PS speaking of...I needed to feed it AGAIN but let mine go over an hour and I got a ticket. Lesson learned.)

We both share a love for thrifting, food, (which includes COOKIES!!) fashion, family, and God. So grateful for Instagram for the fact that I wouldn't have met this lady otherwise. If you have instagram, @karlareed is a must follow!! She is as genuine as they come...which makes me love her even more.

 After lunch we took a little walk around downtown. The weather is warming up and the sun felt so wonderful!

 Bracelet C/O Sira Mara

 ^^I died over Karla and Charlotte's little matching bows...^^

 Headband C/O Oh Sweet Joy

Such a fun "girl date." 

And one more thing...Can I just say, Salt Lake is the coolest? I'm loving being here....


Thank you to all those who linked up for "What She Wears"  this month. There were some really cute renditions of "monochromatic." I chose to share Marisa's look from A Lovely Living. There are so many aspects I love about her outfits. I love gray. I love cognac. Gray and cognac together? Masterpiece.... Love the classy lines. She paired basics with basics perfectly with a dash of texture.

Happy Weekend!!



  1. i need that shamrock cookie in my life.

  2. Thanks Brandi, I'm flattered!! Love your sweater here, and the headband of course!

  3. both of your outfits rock!! looks like a great day! :)



  4. Umm, Your adorable. I have been following your instagram that you sell clothes for about a week now & have been following karla for a few months now. I just happened to stumble upon your blog, its such a small blogging world.
    Best of luck being in Utah, I'm in Utah as well and love it here. I am following you on bloglovin. I've turned into a thrift lover and can't wait to see some of your finds.
    xx, Michelle

  5. Oh this is so sweet! I loved our "girl date" too...and I'm sure it's the first of many;) I'm sooo thankful you're here!

  6. I love your sweater!! The lace in the back is gorgeous! Oh and we are in Provo, So we will have to meet up sometime before we move to Ohio:)!!! I'd love to see you!

  7. I didn't know you moved to SLC! I'm in Alpine so we will need to get together and catch up on good old Red Robin days. haha. P.S. You're the cutest and I'm loving your blog :)


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