Getting Aquanted with the Walls of Salt Lake City

I have kinda taken a long leave of absence from my blog. But I'm back. And I'm excited to share a photo shoot I had the opportunity to have with the amazing Brehappy Photography. Bre and I met in Brazil when we were both embarking on an 18 month adventure. I only knew her a few short weeks then we both parted ways to completely different locations in the beautiful country...but it was long enough for us to form a lasting friendship. Bre is so talented behind a camera. I love the name of her photography because she captures just that..."happiness." I love a photographer who can capture every aspect of someones personality...And she did just that with me. I look forward to working with her more frequently. Mostly because I love her and every minute with her is the BEST! We've already planned some fun adventures for the spring/summer months coming! Those words are like music to my ears. I am SO excited for the summer to get here. 

Anthropologie pants, thrifted sweater (F21), F21 hat, thrifted market bag (my favorite during the summer!), and JCrew glasses.

 Vintage jewelry all thrifted besides Madewell leaf bracelet.

Salt Lake City is such a beautiful historic city. I love the old buildings and clean streets. It's a place I have been to millions of times but now that I live here, I am able to open my eyes even more to it's beauty. As Bre and I walked around we spotted 20 different places we loved just in one block. I look forward to getting to know every inch of the city. Even the walls. Because yeah, maybe its weird that I am attracted to walls. haha

Today I am so excited to go meet up with my sister and 3 nephews. They're coming to visit and you have no idea how much I have missed them since I moved. My Saturday is going to be perfect just knowing I get to spend it with them! 



  1. Love the outfit- and the walls! You and SLC are looking absolutely beautiful in these pictures.

  2. these pictures are great! I used to live in SLC and I love the way you chose to capture your outfit in the city.



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