Sweater thats a jacket and vice versa

 Two things I love. Jackets and sweaters... So what better than a jacket tha'ts a sweater and a sweater that's a jacket! 

Recycled Consign and Design doesn't quite have their online shop available but you can see and purchase items through their instagram (Which is where I came in contact with them) Search @recycleddesign to see this amazing jacket thats a sweater (hehe) and other fun gems they have available!

 Jacket- Recycled Consign and Design//Jeans and Boots-Anthropologie//Tee-H&M//Necklace-Style Lately

 This week has been absolutely gorgeous... I love it when the fall transitions slowly. I love the colors, the smells, the cool but still warm air...hehe. 

^^The dancer in me found myself on my toes in most of my photos...what can I say? It just so happens we were right in front of where I took ballet for years...^^

 ^^Old church/ballet studio that is now completely vacant. It is such a lovely building I hope it becomes alive again soon.^^

 ^^ My photographer/nephew/best friend... "No don't take my picture, I don't like what I'm wearing." hehe...He's such a stud.

Thanks to all those who participated in this months What She Wears "Scarves" edition. I chose Courtney over at All Things Unpredictable and Chic. I love this handmade scarf with the button detail and how she paired it with this smokin leather jacket.

Make sure you join us the first Tuesday in November. We will be linking up our "LAYERS!" 



  1. i love this jacket/sweater! so cute. and the beanie is awesome too!



  2. I absolutely love the simplicity of this - you look stunning xo


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