Birthday Weekend

Last weekend I headed to Utah to see McCall for a quick little "birthday" getaway...

Friday night:
We got invited to the Imagine Dragons concert which turned out to be way more fun than I expected. They put on an amazing show!

 ^^Who needs lighters at concerts anymore when you have cell phone lights.... this was amazing^^


We headed to our friend Chase's parents house to watch conference and have a yummy breakfast fit for kings!

 Afterwords...we went for a little drive in the hills to see the mansions and pretty view...

We did lots of shopping and later went out to eat. Mel (who invited us to the concert) hung out with us and it was fun to get to know her better!

Saturday night I met up with a Brazilian whom I met via skype. I helped one day with his English class and we became friends...


McCall and I watched conference in our pjs then headed out for a nice walk. It was a gorgeous day in Salt Lake!

 Then we later had tacos with a group of fun people.

Sunday evening I recieved a text from my Dad:
"5AM honey."
"We're gonna have a baby tomorrow!"
I was actually quite confused so I just said, "what are you talking about?"
He responded: "A conversation I had with your mom 28 years ago!" It made me melt inside thinking of that and all the wonderful things that have happened since. I feel so grateful for my life, my parents, for my family, my friends, the Lord, and for what's to come in the future.


Happy 28 to me!!

 While McCall was at work, I just spent the day by myself. Went shopping, stopped at whole foods (who by the way has some AMAZING hats....wish my head weren't so big and they would have fit!) I took myself to lunch at one of my favorite spots.... I really had a great day...

 ^^All Red tags at goodwill were 50% off wohooooo^^

^^My friend Jenna who lives in Seattle sent me a homemade text card...hehe I seriously loved it... Totally made my day.^^

 ^^Love this photo^^

^^For my Birthday, McCall treated me to a  Matt Nathanson/Joshua Radin Concert. It was awesome!! I seriously have the biggest crush on Joshua Radin and his music. If you've never heard of him, please look up his song "Beautful Day." It is the most wonderful feel good song that exists!

The weekend went far too fast and before I knew it, I was headed home back to the real world...

Thank you to those who made my Birthday a little extra special...


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  1. happy birthday! and love that white shirt with the cut outs in the front!




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