Saturday is a Special Day

A friendly neighborhood couple have two plum trees in their front yard and invited anyone to come over and pick some! They were the cutest older couple delighted to have us for a visit. Preston came with me and we had a fun time!

I took Preston to his guitar practice and had an hour to kill.... So I headed to do a little thrifting. I am so loving that sweater season is fast approaching.

I tried on a handful but came out with this grandfather oversized sweater at a whopping $3.

We headed to the Eastern Idaho State Fair in the afternoon. Our night was mostly filled with really healthy food.... And I of course took pictures to share.

 ^^Started out with a Tiger Ear (Also known to most as an elephant ear)^^

 ^^Bullseye burger! Burger patty, cheese, bacon, bbq sauce on a doughnut. Yes, a doughnut.^^

 ^^Oreo Reed's Dairy ice cream and I could NOT leave the fair without a bag of Kettlecorn^^

Until next year....



  1. so pretty! Love the photo's you take!!


    Sarah Anne xx

  2. I'm so missing the fair this year... gosh I love that fair!! I will admit though... don't think I ever tried a bullseye burger. It sounds, um, interesting? haha


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