Girls Night

I think one of my most favorite perks of being a blogger are the amazing people I get to meet. 

I have loved following along with Sadie from Simply Sadie Jane for some time now.... She happens to live just 20 minutes from me so I commented on her blog one day suggesting that we get together. Well....she commented back on my instagram and VUALA..... We had a girls night. How I wasn't friends with her before, I will never know. But I sure am so happy I was able to get into contact with her because we had a wonderful evening... Looking forward to more in the future.

 We had a little too much fun with my timer cam and there were too many fun ones not to share... hehe

You know that kind of person that you feel you can tell anything to without judgement? The kind that are listening but not just listening... you can see it in their eyes that they're really listening and actually care what you're saying? The kind that ask questions because they really want to know.... not just to make conversation? It was crazy to think that tonight was the first time I had met Sadie because even though we asked the usual get to know you questions, we were able to dig a little deeper like old friends do. I am excited to have a new friend in town that I know I can go to any time I need a genuine friend. 

 We ate at the Snake Bite (local restaurant you must try if you ever come through Idaho falls!) Going out to dinner has got to be one of my favorite things. Especially to restaurants with unique style and menu.

^^ Just because....^^

We had a fun style photo shoot too I will share photos soon... For now I will vege because my tummy is still full from that amazing salmon and pesto sandwich I had. Not to mention seasoned waffle fries. YUMM....



  1. Oh yes certainly looks like a fun photo shoot. And how lovely that you girls got to meet and hang out. I've only met one other Seattle style blogger, and we also had a fun time.
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  2. yay for blogger friends! sounds like a great night. i will have to check out her blog!



  3. such cute pictures! its amazing when you find someone you click so well with! have a good day!



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