What She Wears// Neon Edition

Woah...It's already July?? Crazy spice....

What better way to start July.. The month of the year that is HOT into summer.... than to have a link up party! Not just any link up party, but a bright, fun, NEON party! 

I must admit. I don't wear much color in my wardrobe. But I do like to add some pops of color every now and then.... So I was super excited for this "what she wears" challenge...

 Overalls-Anthropologie//Tee and Sandals-Madewell//Market bag-Poshmark//Watch-Nordstrom Rack//
Neon Bracelets-Brazil//Gold Bracelet-Thrifted

I have kind of been in love with market bags this summer! When I found this one I was shocked by the price... Super affordable so I bought it the minute I saw it. I was hesitant about the colors (super bright...not my thing) But I seriously think it's perfect! It adds the perfect umph I need for my summer outfits...

Another one of my favorite trends has been rompers and overalls. Love Love Love...

 Also when I bought this tee (I shop online quite a bit but I quite despise it to be honest) I was expecting it to be more of a muted orange.... Much to my surprise, it was neon hunter orange...I was pretty disappointed. But, luckily it came right about the time I heard this link up was going to be NEONS soooo.... I guess it was meant to be. And now I see with my freshly tanned summer skin, it is quite fun!

If you are new to our fun link up... Let me explain what we are doing. 

Every first Tuesday of the month we will post the segment and YOU will share your version! Today we invite you all to link up with us and share you lovely Neons!  Be creative. Be yourself. Invite your friends and have fun with it! 

When I say "we" here are the other lovely hostesses:

And of course Me!

Click through each blog for all of our versions of Neons!


So just link up your favorite "NEON"  look below. The only rules are that you follow each of us and link back to at least one of us in your post. In a week (next Tuesday, so you have a whole week to join us) we will each pick our favorite looks and showcase them on our blogs. I just love this because it gives some motivation to use our imaginations on "what she wears." Share with us via instagram too!  Don't forget to add the #whatshewears hashtag.  (my username is @runstylerun, I would love for you to follow me and also tag me in your neons) and Twitter so we can all see your look! Hope you'll join us!


  1. CUTEST. Overalls. Ever.... Man, I wish they were still selling them. I couldn't find them online.

    Love your style girl!

    Melissa @

    1. Yeah, once they went on sale I think they sold REALLY REALLY fast. So glad I was able to get some! They're fun! Thanks for the compliment!

  2. Well you look fabulous!!! Seriously... that bag is amazing. I need to find a bag like that I think. It's official... I'm now on the search!

  3. Love this, that dress is AWESOME!


  4. You look great, I love your entire look! So happy I found your blog! I might be a little obsessed with your hair ;)

  5. That bag just pulls everything together! What a cute find =) Btw, I adore your blog! Great pictures and awesome style. Happy to be your new follower! Check out my blog and follow back if you'd like. I hope to keep in touch!


  6. Hi Brandi - I am loving the overall look, so cute. thanks for stopping by because I was having trouble clicking on your link from another blog. Now following via Bloglovin. Looking forward to reading more.


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