Friend Time and a Little Sunday Inspiration

Ashley.. one of my besties was in town this weekend briefly so I got to spend the afternoon with her! We took advantage of the most perfect summer day and did a little photo shoot. 

Isn't she so LOVELY?? She is gorgeous not only on the outside but even more on the inside. I feel so grateful to have her as a friend. She is turning the BIG 26 this week. Its crazy how time flies...

This lovely place never gets old to me. I'm glad we got to relax a little and enjoy the freshly cleaned air from the rain yesterday.

I wish my friends lived closer but I love the time I do get to spend with them..
Love ya Ash! Happy Birthday!!

Here is a little Sunday inspiration:

Today's inspiration comes from the Bible... 

Proverbs 3:15

"She is more precious than rubies: and all the things thou canst desire are not to be compared unto her."

Remember that you are more precious than the most beautiful and rare rubies or diamonds out there. There is nothing compared to your worth. It's hard in a world that says that beauty is being tall, skinny, perfect in every way, successful, rich...It's not any of that. You are beautiful for everything you are! Don't ever think otherwise....

I hope you all have a wonderful week. Happy Sunday!



  1. This is such a lovely post!

    Your friend is beautiful, I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE her hair!

    And I appreciate the Scripture you shared. It is pretty tough to be a (decent) woman with self worth these days. Very nice. :)


    Ana Paula

  2. she's gorgeous!! and love your skirt. looks like a great weekend.

    and i have that same blanket! its great.



  3. such pretty pictures and the water looks so peaceful. Happy B-day to Ashley.

  4. Super cute photo shoot, and what a great spiritual thought! Thank you for sharing that verse. It's so easy to forget how much we really are worth.


  5. Two cuties! Love your friends gorgeous hair. So beautiful and you look adorable as always. Love the skirt, so you!! :)


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